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Other Programs

    Here you will find several programs I have made during the last years. Some of them will know newer versions, some others won’t. I don’t have all the time I would need to maintain them all.


write me if you like!

Other Programs

ScatteredPoints is a drawing program. Each document can have an unlimited number of pages, each one of which can include an unlimited number of colored shapes and text boxes. Use it to make books, comics, small animations, etc. Includes manual. Freeware. Mac OS X.


apunte is a small, easy to use paint program suitable for children or for the quick plasmation of ideas. Yet it has several layers to add some freedom, in spite of its bare interface. Includes manual. Freeware. Mac OS X.

µGames is a bundle of seven little, easy games (or software toys, if you prefer): Characters, Building Blocks, Plane, Faces, Bricks, HangMan and TicTacToe in one application. Freeware. Mac OS X.