The Page of JSC 1999-2010 © Juan Salvatierra Cuenca. All pictures in this web site made with µPaint.


     to the page of Juan Salvatierra Cuenca.

   Here you will find some applications made by myself, as a hobbyist programmer.

    They are for Mac OS X and freeware. You can download, use and distribute them, or include them in any kind of media or server, with no restrictions and no prior permission, provided you charge nothing for them, change nothing in them and keep all files in each bundle together.

    At present I am using RealBasic and SuperCard. Both of them are powerful tools and, at the same time, easy enough for people with no formal training in computing to make many different kinds of programs.

    I would like all my programs to be free of bugs, but surely they are not. All I can say is that I program for fun and like to share the things I've made, but it's up to you to download and use them. I think they cannot harm too much your computer (they do not harm mine) but, who knows?. Use them at your own risk.

    Please, write me with comments, suggestions, bug reports, or simply to tell me you have used my programs.

    Enjoy and thanks for your visit!


µPaint is an entry-level bit-map paint program with a few tools, layered masks, undo and other characteristics. It can open and export pictures in several formats.

Freeware. Mac OS X. Universal binary.

Other Programsotherprograms.html

Other applications, mainly graphical and some little games. ScatteredPoints is a drawing  program suitable for making books or comics, or small animations. Apunte is a small paint program easy enough for children, though with layers. Seven small, cheap games or software toys. None of these is tested with Mac OS X 10.7.

A page where I have tried to list all programming languages for Macintosh. A hard task! Surely there are many left out (sorry!), but you will find enough to get started.

write me if you like!